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San Diego Community Health Fair on June 12, 2005

Binh Nhung Tran

To commemorate 30 years of living in the United States, a Community Health Fair was organized at the site of the Vietnamese Federation of San Diego on Linda Vista Road on June 12, 2005.

Members of the Vietnamese Physicians of San Diego, Asian Pacific Health Center (APHC), San Diego Vietnamese Pharmacists Association (SDVPA), the Vietnamese Federation of San Diego (VFSD), and San Diego Alliance for Asian Pacific Islander Americans contributed their time and resources to the event.



The Health Fair was the second of a two-day program. On June 11, 2005, there were cultural exhibitions on floral arrangements, paintings, art photography, nature rock designs and plants that provide an artistic decor around the auditorium. (Toan Bac si thien nguyen & cac thanh vien Hiep Hoi)

The day of the Health Fair, at 9:00 AM, VFSD Board Members Thuy Vo, Duc Dang and Son Tran were already on site, preparing the tables for display, and assigning rooms for the tests. At 10:00 AM, Pharmacist Tien Bui, VFSD Special Advisor, welcomed the audience and oriented the patients to the different stations.

Services provided were: blood pressure measurement, blood glucose tests, Hepatitis B screening, bone densitometry measurements, pulmonary function tests, and medical consultations. The American Lung Association brought their mobile equipped with demos and learning stations. Attendees are asked to fill a short form with five questions to determine the necessity to go through the tests. Pharmacists in the SDVPA performed the blood glucose tests.

About 150 persons attended the Fair, with a large number requesting the popular bone densitometry test.




During the lunch break at 12:15 PM, Dr Ton Tran, Medical Director at APHC presented on the topic of Breast Cancer in the Asian population, focusing on early detection by breast exams and mammograms. An article was printed in the Newsletter of the Federation, May-June 2005 issue which was distributed on site. The questions and answers session was lively. After the raffle prizes were given, tests and measurements were continued until 2:00 PM.

Our thanks to the sponsors for their contributions and product displays at the Fair: Novartis Laboratories, Paradise Valley Hospital, Paradise Valley Health Care Center, San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care, American Lung Association, Community Health Group, Health Net, KPBS Outreach, and all the volunteers who contributed their time on that day. Hepatitis B screening was performed with funds provided by the Hepatitis B Prevention Project conducted at the APHC.

Forty six (46) blood samples were drawn. Cadence Hsiao, coordinator of the Project, oversaw the operations. Test results available from the laboratories in a week will be communicated to the patients.

Raffle prizes were provided by the Vietnamese Physicians Association of San Diego, San Diego Vietnamese Pharmacists Association and Union Pacific IPA. Starbucks gift cards were given to volunteers at the completion of the Health Fair.

Mr. Tien Bui, on behalf of VFSD, presented a floral arrangement to Drs Ton and Binh Tran at the APHC as token of appreciation.

The Health Fair follows a tradition of involvement with the community in San Diego, to which residents look up every year. The Asian Pacific Health Center and the above organizations are happy to collaborate with members of the Vietnamese Federation of San Diego in providing medical services to the Community.

American Lung Association
Kathy Sullivan
Pat Smart
Boehringer Ingelheim
Dan Land
Mike Keeney

Bayer Diagnostics
Community Health Group
John Nguyen, Community Relations

Paradise Valley Health Care Center

Paradise Valley Hospital
Alfonso Small
Fritz Garcia

San Diego Hospice and Palliative Care
Eden Esteban

Health Net
Kathy Hoang

KPBS Outreach
Maricar Camaya
Elisa Kim

TNT Radio (Tieng Nuoc Toi)
Tran Trong Nghia, President

Vietnamese Federation of San Diego:
Nghiep Le, President
Thuy Vo Dang, Vice-President, External
Son Tran, Vice-President, Internal
Tuan Bui, Chairman of Delegates
Tien Bui, Special Advisor
Duc Dang, Treasurer
Rose Tran, Public Relations
Guong Le
Phuong Nguyen
Xuyen Vo
Huyen Pham
Dang Dong
Vulihn Ta, MD, Balboa Naval Hospital

Vietnamese Physicians Association of San Diego:
Duc Dinh Vo, MD, President
Dat Nguyen, MD, Secretary
Hiep Nguyen, MD, Member

Union Pacific IPA

Asian Pacific Health Center:
Ton Tran, MD, Medical Director
Binh Tran, PharmD, Executive Director
Cadence Hsiao, Hep B Project Coordinator
Christine Lieu, Medical Assistant
Anh Linh Tran

San Diego Vietnamese Pharmacists Association
Viet Truong, PharmD, President
Emy Pham, PharmD, Vice-President
Dung Phan, RPh., Dawn Pharmacy
Xuan Wiekel, RPh, Care Drugs Pharmacy

Dr Ton Tran’s Medical Office:
Angie Thach, Office manager
Lani Chau, Staff member
Phuong Anh, Medical Assistant
Dong Ly, Medical Assistant


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