Vietnamese Federation Of San Diego
Hiệp Hội Người Việt San Diego
Tiếng Nói Của Người Việt Tỵ Nạn Cộng Sản Tại San Diego

7833 Linda Vista Road, San Diego, California 92111

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Mission Statement

  • To serve and promote Vietnamese language, culture and traditions.
  • To provide the Vietnamese community opportunities to participate in San Diego's civic life.
  • To assist new arrivals in obtaining education and employment as well as other valuable community resources.
  • To encourage youth to be involved in community activities and develop leadership.
  • To share with other communities the Vietnamese culture for an increased understanding.
  • To gain partnership and collaboration with other organizations for public work and community outreach.


Vietnamese Federation of San Diego (VFSD) is a non-profit organization [501c(3)] which serves the Vietnamese American community of San Diego County. Originally founded in 1984 as a mutual assistance association for refugees providing much-needed social services, the VFSD has become the largest Vietnamese American umbrella organization in San Diego. VFSD consists of 38 association members, such as elders, veterans, student, religious, youth, and professional associations as well as individual representatives of the Vietnamese community. VFSD continues to cater to the cultural and social needs of the growing Vietnamese American community in San Diego. Currently the Vietnamese population in San Diego is 33,504 (2000 US Census report).

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